VCTR - Reliability and Configuration Reporting

Scan servers, virtual machines and containers and rapidly identify vulnerabilities.

Always know you’re safe

New software vulnerabilities are identified every day. VCTR scans configurations and rapidly identifies vulnerabilities to ease running large numbers of servers, virtual machines and containers.

Built for DevOps

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Catch configuration creep

VCTR quickly identifies running instances that have drifted from their defined configurations.


Community oriented

VCTR works smart; using the community, publishers, and numerous other sources to stay constantly up to date.

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API oriented

You don’t need yet another pretty GUI to navigate every day. VCTR is designed first and foremost to be used via the API.

Get started in minutes

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Easy to automate

VCTR API results are formatted for easy integration with other automation.



There’s no installation, you can be up in running in a couple hours and always be up to date.



Our VCTR SaaS service is free, but if you prefer an onsite solution just contact us.