Continuous Application Performance Optimization

In the cloud, even simple apps have trillions of configuration permutations which affect user experience, cost and performance  only a few are close to optimal.

Optune™ uses machine learning to optimize your resource assignments and configuration settings automatically. It takes the guesswork out of balancing requirements, cost and performance and ensures Ops delivers the experience you intend.

Optune by Opsani: Continuous Application Performance Optimization

Automation Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

Billions are wasted in the search for better performance and user experience because legacy IT Automation approaches can’t keep up with the complexity of cloud and microservices. Automation and scripts are designed to implement only what their author already knows how to configure, so they can’t reduce your complexity.

Humans don't scale but machine learning is fast and continuous. Optune application performance optimization continuously monitors and adjusts your app for high performance at low cost.

Humans Don't Scale

It’s not you, it’s modern apps. A five container app can have more than 255 Trillion resource and basic parameter permutations. So trial and error by humans just isn’t going to cut it. Microservices exacerbate the problem by adding interactions between services without taking into account the full application user experience.

Recommendations only create work but continuous application performance optimization handles the work for you.

Recommendations Only Create Work

Many automation and monitoring systems only recommend what you should do to optimize your application, which means more work for you to get those changes implemented. And when the situation changes, they’ll give you new recommendations. What’s needed is a system that can easily implement the changes quickly and simply so you’re always up to date.

Introducing Optune: 

Application Optimization without the grunt work

Optune finds solutions humans wouldn’t think of and deploys them into production or your desired testing environment, making it a fully autonomous operations solution. In addition, Optune automatically updates any time new code is released, new features are released by your cloud provider, or traffic patterns change.

Quickly setup and integrate Optune. Turn on continuous application performance optimization in just a few hours.

Quickly Setup and Integrate

Your Ops team can quickly implement and integrate Optune into your existing DevOps pipeline in less than a day. It then runs in the background, optimizing your application, letting your team get back to their day-jobs.

Optimize for cost, performance or both with Optune: continuous application performance optimization.

Choose What to Optimize

Control for user experience, cost and performance. Optune goes beyond resources, taking into account common system and application settings to truly optimize your application.

Get results the first day with continuous application performance optimization.

Get Results the First Day

Optune delivers fast and keeps learning the longer you run it, even between updates. It delivers more than recommendations by showing you the optimal configuration and implementing it for you.

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