Skopos™ – The Continuous Deployment System

Leverage your investment in CI tools by adding push button deployment for containers.

Automate your toolchain from commit to production.

  • No More Deployment ScriptsSkopos model driven operation creates deployments that work every time
  • Reliable Deployments – Quality checks and approvals available throughout deployment
  • Automatic Rollbacks – Restores operation after failed deployments
  • Autopilot Continuous Deployment – Immediately deploy committed code to production
Visualize application architecture and dependencies.
Visualize application architecture and dependencies.

The Automated Continuous Deployment Tool

Opsani is creating the next generation of automated continuous deployment tools designed specifically for containers. How is continuous deployment different from continuous integration and continuous delivery? CI/CD tools provide build and test. Continuous Deployment is the means by which qualified changes in software code or architecture are automatically deployed to production as soon as they are ready. Adding continuous deployment to your toolchain is the final step to providing push button deployment for your developers.

Skopos automatically generates a detailed deployment plan.
Skopos automatically generates a detailed deployment plan.
Model driven operation – Using models rather than scripts allows Skopos to compile a new plan with every deployment. That means deployments work every time.
Integrated quality checks – Using the model Skopos can apply quality checks and manual approvals to ensure deployments produce the required results.
Automatic rollback – Skopos automatically generates rollback plans for every deployment so in the rare event a quality check fails your application is restored.
Autopilot continuous deployment – When you’re ready for full auto Skopos will monitor your repository and automatically deploy promoted code.

Integrates Easily with Popular CI/CD Systems

So how does continuous deployment work with the rest of your tool chain? Skopos Continuous Deployment System monitors your CI/CD system to recognize new artifacts ready to be deployed. It then uses meta-data about your app and your target operating platform to move those artifacts into production and configure any external services as required.
Skopos continuous deployment system completes your DevOps toolchain.
Skopos continuous deployment system completes your DevOps toolchain.


BRIAN PHAM, SYSTEMS ENGINEER, HighFive Technologies, Inc.
“Skopos eliminated hours we used to spend deploying every minor change.”
LEWIS GEORGE, Innovative Scaling Technologies, Inc.
“Skopos is the lightest/simplest, yet highly functional, system for deploying and updating hundreds of apps in our SaaS service. I especially like that it doesn’t require us to make huge changes to our development and other deployment processes.”
QAMBER (CAM) MEHDI, Director of DevOps Engineering, Dais
“Skopos fits seamlessly with our docker deployment toolchain. It lets us rollout new features efficiently which is critical to scaling our business.”

Complete Your Pipeline And Accelerate Your Business

Continuous deployment gets your code to market faster. Along with continuous integration and delivery, continuous deployment reduces the time-to-value of your investment in new code, accelerating your business.

You can get the advantages of continuous deployment quickly. A DevOps engineer can integrate the system in a day and provide the required application meta data for each app in between a day to a week. Plus, since it integrates with existing tools your developers won’t require additional training, reducing the onboarding effort to near zero.