About Opsani®

Creating the era of Autonomous Ops

Cloud and microservices enabled new application architectures and eased standing up new services. However, they have also increased complexity with interacting layers of software, middleware and hardware affecting your application’s performance, cost and reliability.

As a result, operations and developers waste billions each year attempting to balance faster delivery with better performance and user experience because legacy tools and approaches simply can’t keep up with cloud-native applications.

We’re in a unique position to understand your pain because we’ve built and run cloud and SaaS services too. So we’re on a mission to empower Developers and Operations with tools and services designed from scratch for modern architectures and infrastructure.

Meet The Team

Ross Schibler | CEO, Opsani

Ross Schibler, CEO

Ross is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of bringing products to market. Before forming Opsani, Ross was VP for Systems Architecture with Violin Memory designing next generation memory systems. Prior to Violin, Ross was CTO for Cisco’s Server Virtualization Business Unit after Cisco’s acquisition of Topspin Communications where he was co-founder and CTO. Ross was also co-founder of Rapid City Communications and has held management roles with Nortel Networks, Bay Networks, ATM Systems and NetExpress.

Peter Nickolov | CTO, Opsani

Peter Nickolov, CTO

Peter is a proven technology innovator with patents in object oriented programming, software assembly, files systems, and cloud computing. Prior to Opsani, Peter was SVP of Engineering in CA Technologies cloud business unit. Peter joined CA with their acquisition of early cloud computing provider 3tera where he was co-founder, CTO and later President. Before 3tera, Peter was co-founder and VP of Software Development for Z-force where he worked on ground breaking storage clustering technology. Earlier Peter was co- founder and VP of engineering for Object Dynamics.

Bert Armijo | VP of Products, Opsani

Bert Armijo, VP Products

Bert brings more than 30 years experience in high tech to his role as VP of Products. Prior to Opsani, Bert was VP of Product Management for CA Technologies after their acquisition of cloud computing pioneer 3tera where Bert was SVP of Sales and Marketing. Bert has held management roles with SolarFlare Communications, Topspin Communications, Nortel Networks, Bay Networks, Rapid City Communications, and more.

Stefana Muller | VP, Opsani

Stefana Muller, VP, Business Development

Stefana is a DevOps expert bringing almost 20 years experience delivering enterprise software to the Fortune 1000. Prior to Opsani, Stefana spent 16 years with CA Technologies running global software product lines in security, cloud, agile development and testing technology. As a Sr Director, Product at CA, Stefana led, CA Service Virtualization to #1 in market- share and revenue. She’s transformed teams from waterfall development to Agile and worked with hundreds of customers to help them move to a DevOps culture.