Opsani is AI for Cloud Application
Performance Optimization

Cut up to 70% on your AWS Bill

The costs of running your AWS infrastructure can add up quickly if left unchecked. Without the right strategy, companies will overspend. Our AI tool grants companies up to 70% in AWS cloud savings by deploying the most efficient configuration settings for your app.

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Optimize your AWS Cloud


Utilize Opsani to optimize your cloud spend on Amazon Web Services.
Our engine can work with all instance types:
Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, AWS Auto-scaling, Amazon Reserved Instances, Amazon Spot Instances, Amazon EKS.

AWS Resource Optimization With Our Automated Solution

We tune your performance by adapting to the changing code, infrastructure, and middleware libraries. We look at the resource settings and configurations you’ve set within AWS and figure out and deploy the most optimal configuration.

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The key overall benefits of optimization are the reduction of costs, improved app performance, and optimization of critical business metrics. Research shows that cloud optimization maximizes application performance while reducing 50-70% in cloud spend, and a 210% increase in cloud performance. Evidently, Opsani’s cloud optimization is necessary for elite application management and performance.

What is Cloud Optimization

Large enterprises are overprovisioning their apps to make sure they don’t break down. This oversight is costing large enterprises tens of millions of dollars, and hampering their performance. The goal of cloud optimization is to reverse this trend.

Cloud optimizationis the process of optimizing the performance of cloud applications, infrastructures, and workloads through effective management and allocation of cloud resources. Cloud optimization is any method by which your company cuts down on unnecessary cloud cost and/or improves your application’s performance.

This is why the goals and benefits of cloud optimization can be summed up into two words: business efficiency.

How does Opsani Optimize workloads?

The Opsani Servo runs outside of the pod and gathers and monitors information from the outside of the container and uses AI to apply changes to the parameters to keep the application running as efficiently as possible.

Our Servo sits along the application in either a load-generation or a canary environment and gets its metrics from a monitoring system. From there, the Servo reports its observations back to the Opsani SaaS, where our ML algorithms determine a set of changes and send those back to the servo. The servo then makes the suggested environmental changes, observes the results, and retransmits the output back to the ML backend. And, through this AI-powered iterative process, Opsani quickly tunes the application’s operating environment for optimal performance at the lowest cost. Opsani can also auto-promote those settings into the CI-CD pipeline by integrating with tools like Spinnaker, Jenkins, and Github.

Learn more about how Opsani makes adjustments to your pipeline in our datasheet.

How does Opsani ML work?

  1. After the app code has passed through your automated CI/CD pipeline, Opsani begins to measure the performance of that code, formulating predictions on which set of configurations can further improve performance or reduce cost.
  2. It then starts tweaking the settings and configuration parameters, implementing changes, and running tests.
  3. While this is going on, Opsani measures, analyzes, and learns from the data to see how the changes affect the performance and/or costs
  4. Opsani then takes these learnings, compares them to previous data, and makes another set of predictions which leads to a new set of configurations.
  5. This cycle runs repeatedly and Opsani keeps on finding new ways to achieve
    the highest possible performance with the lowest possible cost.

And because it is constantly gathering new and more powerful data, this cloud optimization software’s integrated AI constantly uncovers more and more new solutions, ending your struggle with running-hot systems and applications.

Opsani is AI for Cloud Application
Performance Optimization


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Reduce your cloud spend by 70%

Our ML continuously finds the optimal runtime configuration settings under varying load and autonomously sets runtime parameters to deliver the lowest possible cost for your service performance goals.

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