covid home quarantine projects

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are quarantining at home in response to stay-at-home orders. 

For this reason, lots of us have more time on our hands. Now is the time to complete those home projects that you’ve been meaning to complete for years!

While taking breaks from my Opsani work, here are 4 projects I have picked up around the house that you can do too:

  • Organize your Closet

No matter how organized we think we might be, our closet over time will be the first thing to get messy. What I like to do is to start by taking all my clothes out to start fresh. By doing so I am able to figure out how I want to organize my clothes and how I can find the most optimal way to place them. 

  • Rearrange your Furniture

It can be really easy to get comfortable with how rooms might be laid out. Personally I find it very refreshing to move furniture around. For example, in my living room, just by moving the couch to a different wall or moving the TV somewhere else, it gives the room a whole new feel. Even moving a lamp to a different side of the room is another great way to make the room look/feel different. 

  • Cleaning the Yard/Patio/Balcony

As we are moving into summer, now is the best time to clean up all the leaves that have fallen, all the dirt that has built up, and make everything look spotless. If you also have furniture outside, water it down. You would be surprised how much dirt can be sitting on top of those pieces. 

  • Clean the Drawers

We all have that one drawer that always has so many random things in it that when we do go in there we are always like “I never knew I even had this.” While you are quarantining at home, go through your drawers in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, and empty them out. You might realize that many of the items in there you don’t really need, or are old enough to throw away.