In a recent episode of the Stay Tuned with Opsani podcast, we spoke with Ryan DaRin. DaRin is a software engineer and product manager at Pegasystems, a leader in CRM software. 

DaRin explains why he and the Pegasystems teams were interested and excited to join DockerCon and what it means for them as a CRM company.

“Our teams in our company are heavily leveraging Docker and Kubernetes… I look at this as an opportunity to come here and learn from people who are innovating… learn what we’re doing now and what we could be doing better.”

DaRin also discussed the ways in which he expects Opsani to improve life for both Pegasystems’ developers and their users’ experience. Talking about Opsani and how it could help with the performance tuning of their company’s cloud applications, DaRin pointed out that there could be room for Opsani working with their internal engineering applications and their customer-facing production apps in the cloud. He adds that Opsani presents an opportunity to help their engineers understand what happens when their apps finally go out on production.

“We can get our engineers to understand, once this is out on production for our customers, where are the opportunities for us to leverage or where we can look at performance hits so that we can kind of catch that… We always talk about moving things to the left, moving things closer to our engineers, and I think this might be a good way for us to [do] that…”

Check out the podcast here: Adopting Opsani Optimization : A Discussion with Pegasystems’ Software Engineer