KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2019, held in November, was full of interesting talks, exhibits, and updates in the world of open-source and cloud native communities. And it was an honor for Opsani’s contribution to the industry to be acknowledged by Ancestry.com during the conference.

During his talk at KubeCon, Darek Gajewski, Principal Infrastructure Analyst at Ancestry.com, gave Opsani a great shoutout. 

Darek discussed how Ancestry relies on Kubernetes to quickly integrate and deploy applications across their website, which receives 50-million visitors a month and generates more than a billion dollars in revenue. To get optimum performance out of Ancestry’s cloud applications, Darek explained, the team use Opsani to optimize the CI/CD process. 

“We use a tool called Opsani, that basically embeds itself into our infrastructure and makes little bits of changes to our infrastructure.” Darek says. “The idea here is, if you can get the system to understand what’s happening, you can then reduce the footprints, double your performance, and by virtue of that, decrease the amount of capacity you need.”

If you want to learn more about how Opsani’s AI brings Continuous Optimization to Ancestry’s apps and systems, and how Ancestry got Kubernetes to run 2x better per dollar because of it, see Darek’s full talk here.

On average, when they implement Continuous Optimization, Opsani users experience a 2.5x increase in performance, or a 40-70% decrease in cost. Overnight. To see Opsani in action, request a demo here.