Announcing International FinOps Day 2020

Opsani is proud to say we are a launch partner for FinOps Day! Every August 20th will now be a day to celebrate the people who manage cloud finances for companies big and small, all around the world. 

Get together with like-minded colleagues and share best practices and stories together. Cloud financial management is taking over, so what better way to celebrate than an International FinOps Day.

How will you celebrate International FinOps Day 2020?

Join the FinOps Foundation in celebrating International FinOps Day 2020. We’ll be holding a workshop at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2020 on Kubernetes and container cost management (ticket required) and then kick off of a three-part series on rate optimization strategies during a Member Call later that day. Come celebrate and learn with us.

The event will take place on August 20th, 2020. This day will highlight those transforming the cloud financial management industry. Tune into 

  • 8:20am Pacific, FinOps Summit: Kubernetes Cost Visibility and Optimization at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2020
  • 1pm Pacific, Member Call: Rate Optimization Series: An Aggressive Move to AWS Savings Plans

Learn how to manage cloud finance complexity brought by containers

Join experts from Apptio Cloudability, CloudHealth, Kubecost, and LiveRamp for a 90-minute, single-track event on how to do cloud financial management in a cloud native container environment. This event requires a ticket, register here!

FinOps Summit: Kubernetes Cost Visibility and Optimization at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2020 

Virtual event: August 20,2020 8:20-9:50am 

Join a panel of FinOps experts Webb Brown, CEO, Kubecost, Casey Doran, Director of Product, Apptio Cloudability, Sasha Kipervarg, Head of Global Cloud Operations & Special Projects at LiveRamp, and Jonathan Morin, Senior Product Manager for Container Optimization at CloudHealth by VMWare as they dive into the discussion of  how Kubernetes adds another layer of virtualization to manage. This 90-minute, single-track event will focus on how to do cloud financial management in a cloud native container environment.

Topics to be covered:

  • Why Cloud Financial Management is harder in Kubernetes
  • Introduction to the FinOps Foundation and launch of Certified partner programs
  • Shifting responsibility for cloud spending to product teams
  • Implementing cost accountability and allocation in Kubernetes
  • Strategies for ensuring developers take action on cost actions on optimizations
  • Managing the complexity of spending in a cloud native container environment

Member Call: An Aggressive Move to AWS Savings Plans (Rate Optimization Series)

This event will take place August 20,2020 1pm PDT.

FinOps Foundation will hold a three-part series on Rate Optimization strategies titled “Do you have reservations about commitments?” It will begin with AWS Savings Plans. After, Azure and Google rate optimization best practices. There will be time to recap all those on the call about finance management-related KubeCon announcements.

Mike Fuller (Atlassian’s FinOps Lead & Principal Systems Engineer) has transferred Atlassian’s massive legacy Reserved Instance to be only on AWS Savings over the last seven months. Doing so, he’s analyzed Savings plans and CUR data to discover how to apply savings, track their efficacy, and visualize these results for viewers. 

Join to listen to his learnings and conclusions he discovered. In addition, AWS’s Nathan Besh will also contribute an overview of how Savings Plans operate and answer difficult questions.

 Say Hello to the FinOps Certified Partners 

Back in June, it was announced at the Open Source Summit there would be a new FinOps Certified Platform, Certified Service Provider, and FinOps Training Partner Programs. Well, they are officially launching today! Join the events and find out more!

Get to know the FinOps Community during the first ever International FinOps Day!

To celebrate this day make sure to link up with the community in any way. Join the events to assimilate yourself and join conversations about FinOps!

Don’t Forget: 

 Can’t wait to celebrate International FinOps Day with you!