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Our CEO, Ross Schibler, shared his thoughts with APM digest readers on how agile DevOps need cloud optimization. In the article, Ross discusses how an agile DevOps approach can be implemented through an amalgamation of agile sprints in combination with the integrated teamwork of a DevOps model:

“This collaborative advancement has established the practices of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery and Deployment (CD). As a result, agile DevOps teams now run a perfectly smooth and flawless CI/CD toolchain.

Except they don’t. Why? Because in the agile DevOps framework, there is a vital piece missing; something that previous approaches to application development did well, but has since fallen by the wayside. That is, the post-delivery portion of the toolchain. Without continuous cloud optimization, the CI/CD toolchain still produces massive inefficiencies and overspend.”

Enterprises do not realize just how necessary cloud optimization is. This final step cuts costs, while improving performance. How is this done? By making sure your app resources are not over provisioned. 

A finely-tuned app is a company’s treasure, but an inefficiently tuned one can waste millions of dollars,” Ross told APMdigest

The reason companies’ apps are not properly tuned is because it is too complex for humans to do. Effective optimization can only be performed with the help of AI. 

“In the era of cloud-native microservice architectures, a simple, 5-container application can possess about 255-trillion resource and parameter permutations. This is simply too many data points for a human to try and work with,” Ross explains.

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