Let us give you the lowdown on performance tuning:

Real talk: most companies in the industry today are not actually optimizing the performance of their apps. 

Sure, companies can say, “No, we tune our applications!” But when you look closely at what they’re doing, you realize it’s merely pretend performance tuning.

To make sure this doesn’t happen in your company, you need to know what “pretend” tuning looks like, compared with what real performance tuning looks like.

For an app to be properly tuned, you’ll need to consider thousands of parameters and resources, explore how granular changes in the settings can affect the app’s performance, and find the best permutation of values that gives you the best cloud application performance possible in as little cost as it takes.

Slashing off some cost from your AWS bill is great, and we all need to keep our eyes on cloud cost optimization. But if you really want to get the best performance out of your apps and cut costs at the same time, then real performance tuning by Opsani is what you need.

If you’d like to read further on this topic, check out our post on how Deep Reinforcement Learning Makes Real Application Tuning Possible.

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