Just a few days ago, AWS released the results of an internal survey they conducted on the subject of container security. AWS collected “68 responses from a variety of roles, from ops folks and SREs to InfoSec to developers and architects.”

The results are very interesting. But here’s the bigger takeaway.

The fact that Amazon is revealing the results of their container security survey is indicative of the fact that containers, as an application packaging format, are now mainstream. So mainstream, in fact, that a differentiated security industry is forming around them. 

The adoption of containers is indicative of another major trend: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery or CI/CD for short. Because of their packaging mechanism and small footprint, containers are an enabler for continuous integration and continuous delivery. They are a powerful enabler for the DevOps movement now and in the future.

In other words, welcome to the mainstream, DevOps. And welcome to mainstream problems, including, in the absence of constant monitoring and continuous optimization, runaway costs.  

CI/CD needs CO (continuous optimization) to make sure that its foot steps are steady and its footprints are permanent on the IT landscape. Without continuous optimization for the best possible performance and the lowest possible cost, containers risk becoming another legacy technology that sank under its own weight.