It’s highly likely that your enterprise’s infrastructure is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services). If that is the case, it’s wise to craft and implement effective AWS cloud cost optimization practices, if you want to maximize the value of your AWS product and minimize your spending.

AWS is expected to continue its dominance of the cloud hosting services market for some time. According to RapidValue, AWS has the biggest slice of the cloud hosting sector, at 41.5%. (Microsoft Azure comes in second at 29.4%.) People move to AWS for many reasons, but a big reason is the appeal of AWS cloud cost optimization. Most applications cost a lot less to run on AWS than they do on-premises.

But simply migrating to AWS isn’t the end of AWS cloud cost optimization. The next stage, AI-driven Cloud Optimization, can continue to bring down costs even further. 

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and the potential of advanced machine learning, your cloud infrastructure can be automatically fine tuned-to run on the most optimal configurations. With Opsani’s unique technology running your AWS cloud cost optimization initiatives, you can further reduce your AWS bill by as much 70%. 

How does AWS cloud cost optimization work?

Hosting applications, services, and environments in the cloud requires resources. And resources cost money. The good thing about the cloud is that you can scale up and down to meet your needs. But resources can be mismanaged, poorly allocated, or even unused. This can easily lead to workloads running on configurations that are consuming too many resources. In short, resources used needlessly are a waste of money. 

Most enterprises elect to perform AWS cloud cost optimization only when their apps, sites, and services are running hot and failing to keep up with their SLA guarantees.

Properly optimizing applications, services, and infrastructure on AWS is too much to ask of the human mind. Determining the best configurations for your cloud services and apps is simply beyond human capabilities. There is too much data, coming in too fast, with too many permutations. But Opsani’s AI-fueled technology can go through thousands of variations in mere moments, find the most optimal combination, and implement a proper AWS cloud cost optimization strategy.

As Opsani works to find the ideal configuration, its unique optimization engine also determines and uses the right amount of resources needed to reach optimum-level performance. That means your resources are well managed, distributed, and deployed optimally, resulting in bigger cost savings.

As Opsani continues to optimize your AWS infrastructure, services, and workloads, the platform’s integrated AI system constantly documents, analyzes, and learns from the data to help it predict the best configurations. It creates new combinations to ensure continuous AWS cloud cost optimization. As a result, you find new ways to save more money, while keeping performance running at the highest possible level.