BetaNews, a leading news source in the IT space, has given us a great shoutout!

Our CEO, Ross Schibler, shared his thoughts with BetaNews readers on how companies can leverage AI to save millions in cloud spend.

In the article, Ross explains how there doesn’t seem to be a ceiling to the amount of money that companies are investing in the cloud. He listed some of the latest earnings reports from major providers like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. He then cited our recent survey that revealed that about 69% of companies admit to overspending on their cloud budget by 25% or more.

“CIOs and CFOs using cloud services are in a tough spot,” Ross told BetaNews. “They need the efficiency of the cloud to deliver their services, but they have a fiduciary responsibility to boards and shareholders to keep costs down.”

One way to remedy this problem of cloud inefficiency is to do like Opsani: continuously optimize and tune your applications’ performance. Problem is, this is beyond human capabilities: “The problem can’t be solved by people anymore. There are too many variables in cloud computing for humans to tune services for efficiency and cost optimization,” Ross explained to BetaNews. 

“The answer lies in performance tuning that happens continuously, as new code is released. But to do that, they need to look beyond the human element to AI,” he added.

To read more about how we got to this point in the IT industry, and why AI is the answer, visit the article here. You can also check out more of the IT industry-related articles that BetaNews’ team of journalists produce.

Better yet, experience for yourself the perks of Continuous Optimization through AI. Request a demo here, and find out how Opsani can save you infrastructure resources and boost performance.