capex vs opex

The CapEx vs OpEx debate is complex and long-running. Cloud computing relies entirely on an OpEx model, which is looser than the CapEx counterpart that on-prem infrastructures usually follow. 

OpEx, being more lenient in spending for the upkeep of cloud infrastructures and application resources, allows DevOps teams more leeway in their processes. The risk is overspending. The CapEx model, on the other hand, is more strict with its financing. Easier to keep costs under control, but there’s the risk of constricting innovation by limiting resources. 

In the on-going debate between the CapEx vs OpEx model of IT financing, which side are you on?

During the last quarter of 2019, #TeamOpsani attended key DevOps trade shows around the country, including KubeCon and AWS re:Invent conventions. Innovators and thought leaders shared their experiences, and clients and customers gave us some insights on their needs. Our co-founder and CTO Peter Nickolov, along with our VP of Marketing Amir Sharif, shared those insights in
this webinar.

Peter and Amir talked about:

  • How the disruptions of CapEx vs OpEx in cloud computing are affecting everyone
  • How most new SaaS solutions and updates are now hyper-focused on the cloud
  • Why and how most companies have moved, or are moving, into cloud infrastructures
  • The automation aspects of the cloud and how it’s helping the entire industry
  • The perils of “cloud-by-wire” computing and what CapEx vs OpEx has to do with it;
  • What the “waves of optimizations” are and how they save companies from runaway OpEx costs
  • How Cloud Optimization relates to autonomous operations and how you can use it to position your growth prospects in light of the changes the industry is undergoing

Watch the webinar here to find out why controlling cloud cost matters.

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