Welcome to the team, Claire! First question: How would you define your role as a machine learning engineer?

I’m somewhere in between maths, data science and software engineering. Right now, I’m working on our cloud optimization engine. Specifically, on the optimizer aimed at finding the best settings for our client’s apps. This is a mixture of implementation, benchmarking and reading papers.

What background and work experience do you have and how does it help you at Opsani?

My first and only internship was as a construction supervisor; although it doesn’t help a lot for my work at Opsani, it’s actually the reason I’m here! Civil engineering was fun but I wanted more maths and more computers.

What is your favorite aspect of the company and/ or the product?

Odd as it sounds, the job interview was really fun! I was about to hand in my thesis and was really stressed coming in. But Eric was super nice and made some joke about how he could name ensembles whatever he wanted. And even though I messed up with some very non-necessary complex solution, Peter was also really chill, and looked impressed that anyone could think of this instead of the normal go-to solution. Anyways, I left in a really high mood because I had a nice time. Point is, from the little time I spent at Opsani, I liked that people are understanding and nice, especially as I was super nervous arriving from an unrelated field!

What made you want to join Opsani as a machine learning engineer?

Although I did have the chance to follow a lot of ML courses, I didn’t have the time to catch up on everything I wanted with respect to information technologies. Having the opportunity to work at Opsani meant learning about so much stuff that I’m interested in! It mixes computer networks, computer architecture, cloud technologies, and maths. I couldn’t have wished for more.

What is a current project you are working on?

Right now, focusing on implementing some optimizers that work to automate the queries to a client’s app.

What are your key goals you hope to achieve at Opsani?

I want to grow as both a machine learning engineer and as a team member.

What are your interests when not working/ what do you like to do in your free time?

During the pandemic, hiking. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries for that. During non-pandemic times: muay thai.


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