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See below for a simple definition, or head here for our full guide to cloud optimization.

Across industries, a wholesale migration to the cloud has become a business imperative, and a key part of digital transformation strategies. According to a study by LogicMonitor, 83% of enterprise workloads will soon be processed, performed, and managed in the cloud. 

As they get comfy in their new cloud home, IT departments are striving to perfect how their cloud applications perform. This means tweaking and improving the overall behaviour of their cloud applications. These optimization processes have come to be known as “cloud optimization.” Here is a quick and easy cloud optimization definition:

cloud optimization


A process or set of processes that enable a company to reduce cloud costs while maintaining or improving application performance.

Everyone knows that the cloud is the future of applications. As our CEO, 
Ross Schibler, puts it: “Cloud operations are the nimblest way to do business. Being able to scale for user traffic and initiate new services on the fly suits the needs of modern companies better than cap- and opex-heavy datacenters.”

However, despite the rise of the cloud and the rise of DevOps, the post-delivery portion of the Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment pipeline has generally been ignored. Many enterprises leave their apps running hot, and only carry out performance tuning when they’ve failed to meet an SLA. In general, enterprises simply overprovision in order to buy peace of mind, as downtimes can be such a disaster. But this oversight is costing large enterprises tens of millions of dollars, and hampering their performance. The goal of cloud optimization is to correct this industry habit.

Learn More About Cloud Optimization

There’s lots more to learn about cloud optimization beyond a simple cloud optimization definition. However, at Opsani, we know CO can be tricky to fully understand. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the subject.

Our guide covers everything you need to know:

  • How the nature of DevOps creates the need for cloud optimization
  • The full benefits of cloud optimization
  • The business challenges of effectively implementing cloud optimization
  • Best practices for cloud optimization 
  • The link between real cloud optimization and advanced AI

And more. Our page goes beyond a one-sentence cloud optimization definition to look at other unique terms and their definitions, and gets into the nuts and bolts of how cloud optimization enhances the overall efficiency of your applications while also bringing down your cloud bills.

Amir Sharif, our VP of Product and Marketing, summarizes the need for CO perfectly: “As delivery gets faster, software becomes more distributed, and services get more decoupled, complexity starts to creep into the picture. Cloud Optimization is the perfect complement to CI-CD as it keeps performance at the top of the chart while keeping costs under control.”