In this episode of our Stay Tuned with Opsani podcast, we had a chance to speak with Evgeny Shvarov about Docker. Shvarov is a Community Manager at InterSystems, a data platform company and vendor of software systems and technologies. InterSystems recently released a new product, the IRIS Data Platform, that helps in rapidly developing and deploying important applications.

On the podcast, Shvarov described to us how radical Docker has been for data companies in handling applications. He told us how it has “literally changed the landscape of IT,” and pointed out some of the differences he’s noticed.

“First is the way that Docker lets us develop new applications; it’s amazing. Previously, before Docker, it took weeks just to set up an environment. Not any more. Another thing is the storability. It’s so scalable.”

When asked if there was any sacrifice in performance, Shvarov replied that there was – a little. But he said that he expects some of its issues and challenges to be ironed out over the coming years.

Talking about how technology keeps up with the needs of other businesses, Shvarov said that we’re already seeing plenty of IT companies building their businesses with Docker. He doesn’t expect this to slow down. Docker, Shvarov believes, will continue to “change the life of the whole tech industry.”

Check out the podcast here: Docker is Radical: A Discussion with Intersystems Community Manager