A big part of Opsani’s exciting Cloud Optimization journey is our partnership with the fascinating heritage research tool that is Ancestry®. What if you could probe into your deep heritage behind your family tree? What if you could look for long lost relatives across 500 geographic regions throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia? With Ancestry, you can. When it comes to digging into your roots, they are a trailblazer.

Increase in performance, decrease in cost

As Ancestry continues to grow and invest in new products, their performance and efficiency are more important than ever. When they opted for Opsani’s AI-driven Continuous Optimization tool across the enterprise, they saw a critical shift in their operations. The performance and efficiency of Ancestry cloud applications have hugely improved since using Opsani’s advanced machine learning. They also lowered their cloud cost productions by an average of 50%.

Recently, Ancestry CEO Margo Georgiadis announced that they will be rolling out a new genetics testing service called AncestryHealth, giving customers insight into their health, and how their DNA might influence certain health conditions. They’ll even provide recommendations from professional health care providers. Ancestry has more than three million paying subscribers, a collection of over 20 billion records, and 100 million family trees. With this upcoming health feature, these numbers will probably rise even more. They are going to need their applications running at the highest performance and at the lowest cost.

By choosing to integrate continuous optimization into its existing CI/CD pipeline, Ancestry is able to achieve stellar performance, optimal efficiency and a better customer experience with every new version release. Ready the case study here.