In a recent episode of the Stay Tuned with Opsani podcast, we spoke with Milind Gadre, Docker’s VP of Engineering, about why customers are starting to adopt enterprise solutions like Docker for containerization needs, and how open source may be beginning to fall short of their needs. 

We also discussed how Docker and Opsani are working together to make AIOPs easy to use. Gadre had some fascinating things to say about the changing shape of the open source landscape. 

“Everyone clearly understands that Docker and containers is the way to build, run, and deploy applications. But I think what’s started happening is that they’ve grown a little tired of working with the open-source community, and their coming to us, saying: Hey, there’s a lot of stuff happening in the open-source community, a lot of interesting things, but we want something that’s secure, reliable, and actually is tuned to our use cases.’”

Gadre added that this reasoning is what led to many of the company’s current partnerships. A lot of the time, people realize that open source comes with a whole host of overheads and operational burdens:

“With open source, you have a lot of options, but you have to decide what works. You have to manage versions and security, and ensure that if there is a vulnerability you get a good response. Those are things that are really hard to rely on. They’re difficult.”

And Gadre had some warm words for Docker’s collaboration with Opsani:

“I think we have both benefited a lot from what we’ve done so far, but I want to take it to the next level. You know, AIOPs is really the things that everyone’s been talking about, and the thing for us between the two companies is to figure out a way to make AIOPs super simple for the customer to use… We want to make it as easy as dropping in a container and letting it autotune that environment.”

Check out the podcast here: It’s About Enterprise: A Discussion With Docker’s VP of Engineering