Jocelyn Goldfein has one impressive résumé. At VMWare, she was VP of engineering. Then, at Facebook, she was director of engineering. In 2018, Jocelyn was included in Forbes’ list of America’s Top 50 Women in Tech.

Today, alongside lecturing at Stanford, Jocelyn Goldfein is managing director and general partner at VC firm Zetta Venture Partners. She is an expert in leading $1 to $5 million funding rounds for AI-based startups. Here at Opsani, we just closed our Series A funding round, to the tune of $10-million. Zetta were one of our backers.

We sat down with Jocelyn for a quick chat about why she was so keen to invest in Opsani. She explained that the top-level Opsani aim and ethos were in line with a technology vision she’s long been committed to:

“When I arrived at Zetta, I said ‘hey, let’s invest in infrastructure’. Not just data infrastructure to enable the AI systems; but let’s actually use AI to manage the infrastructure better. Opsani is really the first pure play in Zetta’s portfolio following that thesis.”

Jocelyn was impressed with the Opsani team – “a great team of entrepreneurs” – and the product vision totally grabbed her:

“Cloud infrastructure and data infrastructure are a passion of mine. I know how difficult it is to build reliable, performing and efficient systems; and how valuable tuning our workloads can be. I’ve been paying attention for a long time to the potential application of artificial intelligence to managing our data centres more efficiently.” With Opsani’s realization of Continuous Optimization, said Jocelyn, “as I ship an application, I’m automatically finding the weak spot. And getting the very best performance at the very best price. “

Opsani’s application of deep reinforcement learning technology to the performance tuning of an application workload is “a perfect application of AI,” says Jocelyn. “No-one human can fully understand every part of the stack that needs to be tuned. And with every other company I’ve seen in this space, the problem was too hard, and they couldn’t get the AI to work.”

“So when I saw what Opsani was capable of, I knew I’d found something special. This is an incredibly hard and important problem to solve; unique technology that is able to solve it; and an incredible team that I just knew I had to work with.”

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