“Autonomous operations is the next logical step in cloud computing,” our CTO, Peter Nickolov, explains. In our upcoming webinar, he will be introducing the concept of Continuous Optimization (CO), and demonstrating how it fits in the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) space.

Extending the CI/CD Pipeline

CI/CD may be the cornerstone of modern software development and deployment practices. However, the practise struggles when it comes to managing the exploding complexity of optimizing cloud applications, where even simple applications can have trillions of potential combinations of resources, middleware, and application settings.
In extension to the CI/CD pipeline, Continuous Optimization helps fine-tune application performance, to increase maximum potential across the full multi-service stack. To give you a quick background on Continuous Optimization, you might want to check out our whitepaper:

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Register for the upcoming webinar on November 14th to learn how leading development organizations are extending the CI/CD pipeline to include CO, using AI to master complexity far beyond human capability to manage, and getting the most out of their cloud applications.

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