As all our blog readers know, at Opsani, we recently closed our Series A funding round. A Series A is big; it means that a startup has truly arrived, and is ready to try and boldly go where no company has gone before. 

Just recently, Opsani’s CEO, Ross Schibler, sat down with the ever-excellent Forbes magazine to chat about raising a Series A. “What are some strategies and approaches to consider?” wondered Tom Taulli, the Forbes author. 

Here’s what Ross had to say:

“I have founded three companies over the past 25 years in Silicon Valley—two with successful exits, and my current company, Opsani has just closed a $10M round from Redpoint, Zetta, and Bain. One piece of advice I would pass on to fellow entrepreneurs is to consider the quality of the partner making the investment because that will greatly affect the quality of the outcome. I would go so far as to say that a dollar from one investor might be worth 2x the same dollar from a higher quality investor. Folks tend to get hung up on valuations and percentages when what they should be focused on is the question: “Do I want to work with this partner and will they help me build a great company?”

To read the full piece in Forbes, and hear from some other great founders as part of the same article, head over here.

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