Team Opsani is the place where we pull back the Opsani curtain and share stories about our team and our internal goings-on. This month, we sat down for a chat with David Zarghampour, our new marketing intern.

Welcome to Opsani, David! Are you excited to come onboard as our marketing intern?

Yes, of course! Any opportunity I get to gain real experience and skills that will help me grow are ones that I am always grateful and excited for.  

What do you find interesting and enjoyable about the world of marketing?

What I find to be interesting and enjoyable about the world of marketing is the strategy behind it – connecting the dots. Experimenting to find out what makes people remember you and see the value that you are trying to bring to their lives. When it comes to marketing, there is not one response that will yield the same results in every single case. Finding what works best for your potential clients and current clients is what will ultimately be most successful for your business. 

The sense of satisfaction I get from seeing a vision turn into a reality is another reason why I find the world of marketing interesting and enjoyable. When creating content, everything starts off as an idea. To see it all come together is a very rewarding feeling, especially when other people are also consuming your content that merely started off as an idea/vision. 

How long will you be with us here at Opsani, and what are you hoping to learn in that time?

I plan on being with Opsani as a marketing intern up until the point that I have back to school (~8 months). During this time I hope to learn as much as I possibly can. If that means learning how businesses structure themselves, or skills that I can grow or even build (e.g. planning/prioritizing, decision making/problem solving, practical skills).

What are your first impressions of Opsani’s current marketing? What is the most successful and impactful about our communications at present?

Opsani’s current marketing is good however I believe that it is missing the human element as well as engagement. Due to the reason that the technology can come off as complicated to some, it is important to engage in conversations with people to educate them on what we really do. The most successful and impactful part about Opsani’s communication is that they are very consistent with putting out content out on all social channels that discuss the value that we could bring to a business. In addition, they create infographics that I think are super valuable to convey information to those who are visual learners. 

What do you see as the requirements for successful messaging within Opsani’s vertical and niche?

The requirements for a successful messaging within Opsani’s vertical and niche, I believe, is the ability to simplify what we do in ways that someone who is not familiar with the terminology that is typically used, will understand. 

Why choose Opsani?

I was first introduced to Opsani through a friend of mine who talked to me about what they did. Initially, I was confused, however, once I took the time to figure what they did I became really impressed with the software. To me, it is super important to believe in the product/service you are selling. I think that if you don’t believe in the product/service you are trying to sell/market, people are going to see right through that. For the reason that I believed in Opsani and what they were doing, I became passionate to become a part of the Opsani team as the marketing intern.

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