Team Opsani is the place where we pull back the Opsani curtain and share stories about our team and our internal goings-on. This month, we sat down for a chat with Katrina Sison, our all-new Marketing Specialist.

Welcome to Opsani, Katrina! What is your background in marketing?

Thank you! It’s great to be here. 

For the past couple of years, I have built marketing programs for large tech companies like Facebook and LinkedIn with a focus on program/product marketing and some digital marketing as well.

My passions lie within launching programs and products. I really enjoy the rush of the go-to-market phase, handling everything from messaging to UI to social campaigns, all to launch this awesome “thing” that a company has built out.

And how do you think this sets you up to take Opsani forward?

I’ve learned from the best – large Silicon Valley tech companies that spend millions on marketing programs and know how to define a new market segment. However, my entrepreneurial roots (coming from a family-run business background) always had me yearning to put my skills to work in a much more nimble environment. Opsani is defining the next step in the DevOps pipeline with Continuous Integration

. Working at large tech companies that were industry leaders in their own right, I understand their mindsets, and so I have insight into the tactics needed to build that credibility, which will help Opsani own the CO space.

What do you find most exciting about Opsani as a product and a company?

I’m probably most excited about the fact that we are doing something that solves such a great need that it is basically a no-brainer for most companies. It’s something that any and every company that runs on the cloud would want and need, even if they didn’t realize it at first. 

I see so much potential in that because it’s something that can be so integral to any business. I truly believe that we’re pioneering something so great and important that it’ll become something that companies just automatically plan for when optimizing for app performance in the cloud. It’s rare to find a product that provides something like that. Opsani has so much potential and it’s great to be here so early on that I can help shape and influence the narrative we present to our customers.

And it helps to be working with Ross and Peter, right?

100%. I’m really excited to be working for a company with such amazing founders. They have so much experience growing companies, it’s amazing that I get to be here to learn and see how they build Opsani from the ground up. We have such a strong panel of executive leadership!

From a marketing perspective, what do you see as the key Opsani-related messages that you need to communicate over the next few quarters?

That’s simple. If you’re moving to the cloud or already experiencing the pain of your cloud bill, Continuous Integration should be on your roadmap. To not include it makes zero sense, either from a technological or a financial viewpoint. CO is the necessary third step after CI/CD. We need to share with the market that performance tuning of even dynamic cloud applications is possible with ML, and Opsani is the partner to help them benefit from apps that are always running at peak performance for the lowest cost.

From a marketing perspective, where would you love to see Opsani at one year from now?

I would love to see Opsani at a point of scaled marketing programs in a year. Currently, since this is a new market segment, everything is a new program and test. I’d like to have a couple of programs running – webinars, scaled campaigns, and so on – so that we have a continuous and consistent presence in the industry. I’m really set on building a lot of brand equity with Opsani and the Continuous Integration platform.

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