What do you find most exciting about Opsani as a product and a company?

The Opsani product really is a magic wand that makes all your hopes and dreams come true. It allows you to concentrate on writing beautiful code, and empowers you to increase the velocity of releasing products that impact people’s lives. Get it right, and you’ll gain headcount for your team, afford a Tesla, have two-hour lunches, and play with puppies. And that’s all with zero out-of-pocket expense.

How would you explain what you do as a Continuous Optimization evangelist to a ten-year old?

I introduce people to my magic wand and show them how it can put money, time, and sanity back into themselves with the help of a magical octopus. 

You have a Bachelor’s Degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. What inspired you to shift to business development, and how did you make the transition from your Bachelor’s degree?

The rush of chasing a deal with its highs and lows is much like poker – lots of mellow time with moments of high intensity. I made the transition to becoming a business development representative by leveraging myself into entry level positions at companies with brand value like Facebook.

How do you think your previous experiences in different companies will help you with you new work in Opsani?

Working in restaurants as a server, bartender, manager, and director definitely has built out my ability to paint a picture, tell a story, and keep it relatable in an enticing way. My science background definitely contributes too, as I love to get deep and granular into things and can draw comparisons. This experience set me up to work as a business development representative at Opsani.

What do you see as your key goals at Opsani for the next year or so?

Bring in 10 enterprise logos that become my book of business and grow a partnership program. 

What are your favorite things about Opsani’s team and work culture?

I enjoy the different characters we have at work and the personality they bring to the table. There are times when peoples’ heads are down grinding away, and there are times of levity. Everyone here swims together, no problem cannot be resolved, and everyone is all in.

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