Team Opsani is the place where we pull back the Opsani curtain and share stories about our team and our internal goings-on. This month, we sat down for a chat with Mark Jimenez, our all-new Customer Success Engineer.

Welcome to Opsani, Mark! First question: How would you define the role of Customer Success Engineer?

I see the Customer Success Engineer as a hands-on software generalist who contributes to customer satisfaction from pre-sales discovery, through proof-of-value evaluation, and post-sales success. It is a more active and evolved customer-facing role from its Customer Support roots. 

What’s your background in technology, and how will this background help with your work at Opsani?

I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science, and I performed as a software QA engineer in the earlier part of my career in storage and networking. I did a lot of “growing up” in the industry working at Riverbed Technology for 11 years, transitioning through QA to technical support, professional services/training, and finally managing a team in technical marketing. I’ve focused on startups ever since.

All of this exposure to new product development and multi-hat wearing in seed/alpha stage startups has helped me in my role as Customer Success Engineer at Opsani. Products and technology change from company to company, but the startup mentality is all the same. Go, go, go as fast as possible! 

What do you find most exciting about Opsani as a product and a company?

The Opsani product touches many different and evolving technologies in the cloud-native space, including cloud providers, containers/Kubernetes, and application delivery pipelines.

As a Customer Success Engineer, what do you find is the quickest and most impactful way for you to communicate proof-of-value to prospects?  

Showing proof-of-value by optimizing an application environment that represents production with real load is impactful as it shows real (vs theoretical) value.

What do customers most enjoy about the Opsani experience? 

Seeing their cloud bill cut in half while increasing performance.  This never gets old!

Do you have any macro 2020 goals? Any key Opsani-related messages that you need to communicate over the next few quarters?

New and still figuring this part out.  “Keep an eye on this space.”

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