Just recently, Techbeacon.com published an article in which Darek Gajewski, Principal Infrastructure Analyst at Ancestry, discussed how his team leveraged Opsani to optimize their microservices architecture.

Darek has been an active promoter of Opsani since Continuous Optimization (CO) brought Ancestry cost savings of up to 61%, with zero performance degradation. Since then, Darek and Ancestry have come to regard CO as a new form of DevOps best practice, and a technology that should drive an entire culture shift.

In his Techbeacon article, Darek discusses how difficult it is for human engineers to investigate, tune, and subsequently test applications to optimize app and system performance. He describes why Opsani is a solution, and how leveraging machine learning and AI to continuously optimize microservices and applications is the future.

Darek concludes by stating that overprovisioning should no longer be a safety net, and by encouraging other companies to take advantage of AI capabilities in creating an efficient and scalable cloud-based infrastructure.

To read the Techbeacon article, click here: “How Ancestry used AI to optimize its microservices apps.”