is one of the industry authorities on all things DevOps. So we are delighted to have been featured in a recent blog post of theirs, penned by the seasoned IT journalist, Mike Vizard.

Vizard’s article discusses how Opsani is helping DevOps teams to rein in cloud costs and over-provisioned resources. Our use of AI to optimize the IT environment has helped existing customers save up to 80% on their cloud spend, while increasing performance by up to 200%. (See our Ancestry case study for a deeper dive into the impact Opsani AI.)

“The goal is to make it possible for IT teams to rein in cloud costs at a time when most cloud resources are being employed inefficiently,” Opsani CEO Ross Schibler explained to

At, they are fully aware of the need to continually optimize the consumption of cloud resources at a time when financial pressure on IT organizations continue to mount. They also know that most IT organizations don’t have the resources or expertise needed to manually tune each instance of cloud workload, let alone the ability to build their own AI. 

It makes perfect sense that they were so interested in Opsani!

You can read the entire article on Or you can go ahead and see firsthand how Opsani achieves such stellar results by requesting a demo here.