For Some Background, What Does Opsani Do?

We are the only continuous Cloud Optimization as a Service (COaaS). Opsani uses machine learning (ML) to continuously, autonomously tune cloud apps’ key parameters for improved reliability, scalability, and maximum efficiency.

Why Is Autonomous Optimization Vital In The Cloud Computing Industry?

The cloud and DevOps practices have made it possible to deliver software more quickly than ever, compressing release cycles from quarterly to weekly or even daily. As a result, workload optimization has taken a backseat. We are shipping code faster than ever, but we are doing so with a massive waste of resources, suboptimal performance, and lower availability. With the shift to cloud-native, manual tuning is no longer humanly possible. 

How Does The Integration Partner Program Improve Your Application?

AppDynamics (CSCO) provides application performance monitoring (APM) metrics to Opsani. Opsani takes these metrics and feeds them to the ML engine, which provides application tuning settings at super-fast machine speed. In addition to optimizing applications, Opsani can optimize Business Transactions being monitored by AppDynamics. 

In this way, AppDynamics and Opsani take cloud management to the next level. This pairing will result in enhanced performance, lower cloud spend, and application reliability without any need for human intervention. With Opsani and AppDynamics, your customer will get a better, more reliable, and scalable SaaS application experience, all while significantly reducing cloud spend. 

How AppDynamics Full-Stack Observability Delivers Business Results

Opsani consumes AppDynamic data for application discovery, selects service level objectives (SLOs), and with the metrics from AppDynamics, improves performance to reach those SLOs. With the data from AppDynamics, Opsani can autonomously tune applications resulting in improved performance, reliability, and reduced cloud spend. AppDynamics, in combination with Opsani remediations, provides SaaS applications a full optimization journey. Users can then approve these actions to tune their application for optimal configurations. 

Optimizing Your Cloud Infrastructure With AppDynamics And Opsani

This partnership allows Opsani to access AppDynamics analytics to observe any changes in the application, set autonomous remediations, then deliver the changes to the application to enable the configuration adjustments and enhanced performance results. For more info on the partnership, check our partner page here! To see us featured on AppDynamics integration partners, click here!