For Some Background, What Does Opsani Do?

We are a continuous Cloud Optimization as a Service (COaaS) company. Opsani uses Machine Learning (ML) to continuously and autonomously tune cloud applications’ key parameters for improved reliability, scalability, and maximum efficiency.

Why Is Autonomous Optimization Vital In the Cloud Computing Industry?

Modern cloud and DevOps tools have made it possible to deliver software faster than ever, compressing release cycles from quarterly to weekly or even daily. As a result, workload optimization has taken a backseat. Code is shipping faster than ever, but often at the cost of wasted resources, suboptimal performance, and lower availability. With the shift to cloud-native, manual tuning is no longer humanly possible due to the volume of change. 

How Does The Opsani and AppDynamics Partnership Optimize Application Performance?

AppDynamics is a Business Observability Platform that uses AIOps to gather performance metrics across your application stack. These metrics are then used by Opsani and fed into a Machine Learning algorithm to create real-time application optimizations.

This enables AppDynamics and Opsani to dramatically enhance application management within the cloud, enhance performance, lower cloud spend, and ensure continuous application performance without human intervention. With Opsani and AppDynamics, your customer will get a better, more reliable, and scalable SaaS application experience, all while significantly reducing cloud spend. 

How This Partnership Delivers Business Results

With the business transaction metrics from AppDynamics, Opsani can autonomously tune applications, resulting in improved performance, reliability, and reduced cloud cost. This integration creates a continuous optimization loop for applications in the cloud and allows users to prioritize optimization actions based on the impact to their business. 

App Monitoring To App Management Explained 

Let’s take a closer look at how this works within a Kubernetes cluster deployed within a cloud platform. A Kubernetes system is not a simple three-tier application. In a Kubernetes deployment, there are thousands of separate microservices that communicate with each other that are impossible to manually monitor and tune. 

If an issue arises, AppDynamics can quickly pinpoint where the performance issue occurred and provide the Opsani Servo with the application metrics that will be needed to evaluate the possible performance improvement scenarios. The Opsani Servo receives the metrics and passes them to the Opsani ML SaaS. The Servo takes the recommended configuration changes and modifies the settings in the Tuning Pod to test the new optimization. Once optimal performance settings are achieved, the Servo promotes them into production. 

How Do We Handle the Growing Complexity of Cloud Architecture?

Cloud adoption rates have skyrocketed, and the complexity presented by public and private cloud platforms running cloud-native applications is overwhelming for most businesses. Businesses don’t have the tools to optimize their cloud-native applications, which leads to poor user experiences and losses in revenue. 

At the speed code can be developed and deployed, manual tuning is no longer an option.

Developing software in a Cloud platform using CI/CD means applications are shipped faster than ever, but many are over provisioned, leading to wasted resources and suboptimal cloud spend. 

Optimization needs to be done autonomously and continuously with real-time metrics to prevent performance lag and produce a positive end-user experience. The complexity of public cloud and cloud-native application infrastructure now demands an AI-driven solution to monitor, optimize, and continuously remediate issues to ensure businesses can create this positive end-user experience. 

With this new integration, Opsani can work together with AppDynamics to help businesses shift from manual management to automated continuous optimization of cloud resources and drive digital transformation across their enterprise. 

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