“Business Insider asked venture capitalists to name the top startups that help companies while cutting these costs- including ones they have no relationships to- and why.

According to the article by Business Insider, “During the coronavirus pandemic, companies have a growing need to slash their cloud and IT budgets.” 

We are excited to announce that Business Insider recognized us for “continuously minimiz[ing] costs while delivering a superior customer experience,” said Myer. 

“They help you track where there can be cost savings. [Opsani is] using more of a machine learning and automated approach,” Huang said. “This is much more about creating a baseline for how much your application requires, basically understanding how much it should be costing.” Opsani strives to give our customers optimal speed for their application and services at the lowest cost possible. 

Coronavirus has made companies rely on the cloud more than ever before. If enterprises do not have the knowledge on how to manage their cloud resources and applications efficiently, they will receive tons of unexpected and unnecessary cloud costs. It’s not possible for humans to efficiently manage their cloud spend on their own, as it is too complex. This is why Opsani has harnessed the power of AI.  

We know the strain coronavirus has put on enterprises and we want to help as much as we can. In the early stages of the pandemic, Opsani launched “Project Vital” where Opsani was free for three months to help companies overwhelmed with their cloud bills skyrocketing. 

Fortunately, you can still receive a free trial for three months by signing up on our website. Opsani will help you cut your cloud spend by 70%. Service tuning is extremely difficult with agile development practices on the dynamic cloud. Let Opsani do the work with you with ML-enabled, autonomous service tuning.

Your cloud application will work harder and leaner so that you don’t have to. Contact Opsani to learn more about how our technology.