Opsani for Free, new opsani social vital page opsani announces product update to help with economic hardships version2This month, we launched Opsani Vital as our way of helping businesses navigate through economically challenging times. Learn more in our FAQ.

  • What is the criteria for Opsani Vital and on what platforms will it work?

The only criteria for Opsani Vital is that you are orchestrating your production cloud workload with Kubernetes.

  • When is Opsani Vital available and how do I get it?

Opsani Vital is available immediately. To get it, go to opsani.com/vital and fill out the inquiry form; we will get back to you within 24 hours.

  •  How many applications or services can I optimize for free for Opsani Vital?

An unlimited number of applications or services can be optimized for free with Opsani Vital. You can get as large as you want with Kubernetes, but we recommend you start with at most four services.

  • How much does it cost? How long is the program free?

The program is free and the current scope is three months. However, we may extend this program as warranted by economic conditions.

  • Who do I contact if I have other questions?

 For questions regarding Opsani Vital, email Ty, our business development representative. His email address is ty@opsani.com.

  • How is this different from your current product?

Opsani Vital is the same as our core product, but it is a free offering (for an initial period of three months). We want to help companies save on cloud costs in these uncertain economic times by empowering them to cut bills and keep employees. Currently, Opsani Vital only applies to Kubernetes environments. 

  • How long will it take to onboard and what do I need to do? 

Implementing Opsani Vital and saving on your cloud bill can be done before your lunch break. The onboarding process consists of completing a survey with questions about your monitoring system, performance metrics, and API endpoints. Then, we will give you a manifest for deploying Opsani Servo as part of your kubernetes fleet. After this, log into our SaaS and you are done.

  • Does your broader product only work with Kubernetes or do you support other application environments?

Our broader product works on any application environment, on any OS and any cloud. However, Vital’s scope is Kubernetes.

  • Is “cloud optimization” for public clouds only, or do you work with on-premises clouds as well?

Cloud optimization works with any cloud, including public or on-premises clouds.