CIO Dive is one of the leading providers of news and analysis for IT executives. To receive a shoutout from them is always great.

Just recently, CIO Dive published an article outlining how Opsani successfully optimized cloud use at Ancestry – without hampering user experience.

“We let the system run its course, give us feedback, and then we implemented the recommendations that Opsani’s tool gives us without having to spend a copious amount of time trying to come up with the most efficient path for that application,” Darek Gajewski, principal infrastructure analyst at Ancestry, told CIO Dive.

Cloud-based companies such as Ancestry are turning to AI to increase infrastructure efficiency. And for Ancestry, with Opsani, it paid off. As Darek explained, Ancestry saw a 50-100% increase in resource utilization and up to 50% of decrease in cost from its initial migration to AWS deployment to today. 

The secret sauce is the Opsani’s AI’s neural network.

“We use a technique called reinforcement learning,” Opsani CEO Ross Schibler​ told CIO Dive. “We basically have a neural network which learns from making small adjustments on what the best settings should be.”

Our  technology evaluates the resources and parameters of an application to identify ways to improve it, continuously reassessing what works and what doesn’t.

To find out more about how Ancestry did it, along with other possible ways AIOps can help the industry, you can read the CIO Dive article here. You can read the full Ancestry case study here

And you can request a free Opsani demo here.