The Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) toolchain is the bedrock of the DevOps model. However, though CI/CD is great for rapid releases of code, it does not help you optimize the exploding complexity of cloud applications. Once an app is released into the wild, it is mostly left to its own devices. 

So what about the post-release portion of the delivery pipeline? How can DevOps teams integrate continuous application optimization into the CI/CD pipeline? How can they ensure the performance needed for exceptional user experience, while keeping cloud costs under control?

In a recent webinar, Opsani’s CTO and Founder Peter Nickolov gave a fantastic overview of Continuous Integration – the application of advanced AI automation to application optimization. Peter is a DevOps evangelist, and an expert in cloud infrastructure, scalable storage and performance optimizations. He has 25 issued U.S. patents. Peter is the guy to talk to about how Continuous Optimization not only tunes performance but ensures the best possible combination: performance + cost + efficiency for cloud apps.

“Together with my co-founders and team members, we have built various important cloud infrastructure and cloud orchestration systems. We’ve seen the impact that the cloud has made through hundreds of thousands of applications,“ Peter explains. The widespread adoption of cloud-based infrastructure has opened up a world of possibilities – and created a wide range of challenges. “There are tremendously good parts, and there are also some challenges that the accelerated velocity and flexibility of cloud brings,” he continues.

This velocity is what brings the requirement for some help from AI. Human analysis, human diagnostics, and human fixes – these have always been the norm when it comes to performance tuning. But these will no longer cut it.

“There is a vast amount of configurations, many different components, threat counts, and so on,” Peter says. “On top of that, it is extremely difficult to gain enough infrastructure knowledge”. Engineers have to also be deeply familiar with application workloads. 

Opsani AI’s capabilities for Continuous Optimization, the essential third phase of the CI/CD pipeline, allows it to master complexity far beyond human capability, to get enterprises the most out of their cloud applications.

Watch the full webinar to learn how leading development organizations are implementing Continuous Optimization.