Opsani Project Vital, new opsani social vital page opsani announces product update to help with economic hardshipsThis is a challenging moment for companies within every industry. At Opsani, we want to do everything that we can to help enterprises weather the economic storm.

This is why we have launched Project Vital, an initiative aimed at providing free cloud optimization services for the next three months. By utilizing our cloud optimization technology, companies can cut their cloud-related costs by as much as 70% and meet customer-set performance goals. Project Vital is our way of helping business organizations navigate through these economically challenging times.

Ross Schibler, our CEO and co-founder, says it best:

“We’ve never experienced such a dramatic and immediate slowdown to our economic engine, and no sector has been spared. We believe technology has a key role to play in mitigating the huge and dynamic changes to our economy.

We have a tool that provides services providers with immediate relief from cloud bills. We want to be part of the recovery solution by offering our services for free to companies that need to immediately cut costs so they can keep people employed.”

In anticipation of high demand, coupled with Opsani’s desire to make the most significant impact in this unprecedented economic slowdown, Project Vital is currently afforded to companies with a minimum of $100K monthly cloud compute expenditure. Opsani may change its program requirements if the economic conditions continue to deteriorate.Find out more
Updates on Project Vital will come over the following weeks and months. Head here if you think you might be a Project Vital candidate. 

If you’d like to get a little more information on this initiative, join our webinar on April 22nd. Ross, our CEO and Amir, our VP of Product will be giving more details.