Performance tuning is no longer human scale. Even a straightforward five container application will possess more than 255-trillion resource and parameter permutations. This means there are a vast amount of configuration tweaks available in every moment. To take effective action to optimize cloud apps, you would need perfect knowledge of the entire infrastructure, across the application, data and cloud infrastructure stack. On top of this, you would need to be deeply familiar with the application workload itself – even as it’s constantly changing. 

This complexity is why cloud and mobile apps chronically run with less performance and more cost than is ideal and possible for that workload.

So how do you optimize cloud apps?

The solution?
Continuous Optimization. Software that automatically examines millions of combinations of configurations, in order to identify the optimal combination of resources and parameter settings. Software that is perpetually making small tweaks to resource assignments and configuration settings in order to enhance performance or reduce cost, and then continuously remeasuring whenever changes are made. 

Opsani AI delivers Continuous Optimization that is integrated into your CI/CD toolchain. Using machine learning, we tune the runtime parameters of your cloud application in response to code, middleware or environmental changes. 

The benefits proliferate across every department:

Operations Team & Development Team

  • Optimizes entire microservices architecture
  • Simplifies and optimizes cloud scalability
  • Tunes runtime parameters to keep cloud applications running optimally


  • Improves customer/user experience by optimizing real user metrics
  • Increases efficiency up to 250% and Reduces costs up to 80% 

Most tech companies prioritize reliability over performance and cost. Everyone is terrified of anything breaking, and by over-spending and over-provisioning, they buy ourselves peace of mind. But Continuous Optimization changes all this. Optimizing apps is no longer a random process where the best we can hope for are sweeping, approximate solutions. The Opsani model can make specific, targeted and ongoing improvements.

Thanks to AI, companies can get well-optimized infrastructure personalized to the workload can deliver the same or better reliability, at higher performance, for much lower cost .

The overall impact? 2X increased application efficiency, and 80% cloud cost reduction.

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