Last week Opsani attended Kubecon + Cloudnativecon. Having worked remotely for the entirety of the pandemic, our team was nervous we would be a bit rusty. Still, as soon as we touched down in LA, the nerves flew out the window, and we were stoked to join the Kubernetes community for a few days of fun and learning. With the vaccination and mask mandates in place, we were excited to meet new faces from the Kubernetes community safely and see all the cool new projects being born. 

Although we still feel we have remained connected during the pandemic, zoom isn’t the same as hanging out as a team and making some in-person memories.

KubeCon 2021 Look Back

Thank you to all those of you who took the time to swing by our booth virtually or in person! We love sharing our products and connecting with everyone. Now, let’s take a look back at the event highlights. 

The Opsani Booth

Opsani’s booth was packed with fun giveaways. We decked out attendees with Opsani stickers, masks, and t-shirts. Our booth was designed based on our three main pillars: reliability, cost reduction, and performance. Our booth had our servo in the background. For reference, our servo is an Open-sourced transparent application deployed into your application namespace but does not get installed into your application code or container. During the event, we were able to give live demos. Want to watch the demo for yourself? View it here

The Opsani Team

During Kubecon, we staffed our booth with a team from almost every department. For a few members, it was their very first Kubecon, so watching this experience through their eyes was rewarding. Our team answered any question thrown their way, and we are confident everyone is aware of why Opsani is the future of AIOps. 

kubecon 2021Our founders were present at the booth telling the Opsani story and walking attendees through Kubernetes optimization best practices, live demos, and networking. Our goal was to educate everyone that came to our booth on the Opsani technology and why we believe we can solve a fundamental problem in their space. 

Not only did we have the opportunity to educate attendees, but we also got in-person feedback about our product. At Opsani, our mission is to provide you with the best product, so we are always listening to the community for how we can make their lives easier. During the booth crawl, we enjoyed cracking a cold one and getting to know each and every one of you on a personal level. 

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