cloud resource management

80% of finance and IT leaders report inadequate cloud resource management is damaging their business. Furthermore, Gartner predicted that by 2022, overall cloud spend will reach more than $330 billion. In short, many enterprises are spending way more than they need to be. 

How can this problem be solved? By optimizing your applications to diminish unneeded costs, and enhance performance by correctly allocating cloud resources and workloads.


The Complexity of Cloud Applications

There are over 90 AWS services. Some of them are quite complex and are designed to be quite flexible. The number of permutations can be mind-boggling, with some 1.7M considerations for AWS EC2 alone. Clearly, it is not humanly possible to efficiently perform cloud resource management with all these considerations. The clear solution here is to leverage AI algorithms and deep reinforcement learning to stop apps from wasting money.


Managing the Complexity

Opsani has the solution. Our servo measures, predicts, and implements changes to parameters and resource settings across the VM instance, middleware, application, and containers balancer to optimize your applications as well as container environments like Kubernetes. When it comes to managing cloud computing resources, we right-size your applications in order to reduce your costs, while enhancing your performance by 250% performance dollar per gains. Perfectly optimized Infrastructure is personalized to each workload, around the clock.


Cloud Optimization & Resource Management

Cloud Optimization autonomously operates to adjust your cloud resources and application settings. The Opsani cloud optimization platform can ingest all sorts of performance-based metrics, including (but not limited to):

  • Throughput (transactions per minute)
  • Latency of transaction (average, median, p50, p90,etc.)
  • Error rates (database exceptions, garbage collection, failures, etc.)
  • Impacting downstream services (like an authentication service for a token for verification

This optimization is done by integrating Opsani into your CI/CD pipeline. We are transforming DevOps and, by managing cloud computing resources, trimming millions from enterprise cloud bills. The Opsani intelligence is able to constantly uncover more and new solutions for continuous cloud resource management. This is the art of cloud optimization. This is the science of Opsani.