Peter Nickolov is Opsani’s super smart CTO. We sat down with him to get his perspective on what makes Opsani such a powerful and unique tool.

Peter has a tonne of previous experience with cloud infrastructure. While gaining this experience, he says, he realized that “autonomous operations is the next logical step in cloud computing.”

This is what inspired him and Ross to build Opsani: “We felt that building Opsani right now is important because, as microservices architectures take over, the frequency of releases increases to hours and minutes apart. It is necessary to optimize and make sure that they run at their best.”

Opsani takes powerful AI and “tunes cloud computing applications. It chooses resources and performance parameters with the goal of improving performance and user experience, as well as reducing cost.”

“The way we do it,” Peter explains, “is by using artificial intelligence to choose what the right configurations are, and to learn how the application behavior changes as we tune it differently in order to achieve the best performance at the optimal cost.”

In Peter’s mind, Opsani’s three key unique features are:

  1. “It tunes both performance and cost.”
  2. “It does this in production, in cooperation with the CI/CD system.”
  3. “It does this for the full multi-service stack.”

Combined, this means that Opsani “improves the real user experience of the cloud applications that our customers operate.” And it does this with the help of powerful AI that goes beyond what the human brain can achieve: “AI does the work that doesn’t get done today. It allows people to focus on the creative part, and improve their algorithms and features.”

“What I want people to remember about Opsani is that, as the cloud has allowed us to use software to deploy things, and DevOps has streamlined the release process, this has created a tremendous opportunity for autonomy. Watch what’s coming.”

If you’d like to see the video of our chat with Peter, head over here!