Cloud cost optimization platform

An AI-powered cloud cost optimization platform can transform DevOps and cut overspend. You may be wondering how cloud management affects your enterprise. Well, 80% of finance leaders report that poor financial cloud management has had a negative impact on their businesses. Furthermore, 69% regularly over spend on their cloud budget by 25 percent. In addition, 57% worry about cloud cost management. Cloud management is a complex job; we need better cloud cost optimization strategies.

Now, you’re probably wondering why this is the case. This is because although modern enterprises are rushing to move to a DevOps paradigm and operate a robust CI/CD toolchain, many are neglecting the post-release portion of the delivery pipeline. Subsequently, resources are over-provisioned in order to buy peace of mind. Along with, performance tuning is only happening when SLA isn’t met. 

To quickly trim their cloud bills, enterprises need cloud optimization for their applications. Even so, this isn’t easy: even a simple five-container application can have more than 255 trillion resources and basic parameter permutations. An AI-backed cloud cost optimization platform leverages deep reinforcement learning to stop apps from wasting money.

For instance, instituted cloud optimization with Opsani to drive down cost without impacting performance. In fact, Opsani onboarded a service in 20 minutes and onboarded five services in one day. As a result of these cloud cost optimization strategies, saw savings up to 61% savings, with no degradation in performance. regarded what they were seeing as a result as a new form of DevOps best performance, and such a cloud cost optimization platform as something that should underpin an entire culture shift. 

Opsani is pioneering the new science of cloud optimization through transforming DevOps and trimming millions from enterprise cloud bills. Opsani customers experience a 40-70% decrease in cost overnight, once the cloud cost optimization platform is integrated. Alongside the savings, enterprises experience a 2x performance increase. Undoubtedly, it is time to harness the power of AI.

It is time for all enterprises to fully reap the benefits of AI. Optimize cost and performance at the same time, automatically as a natural extension of your CI/CD process. You can even use the same cloud cost optimization platform to continuously monitor operations and make changes as the applications and environments change. This is the art of cloud optimization. This is the science of Opsani.