Recently, over at their Medium page, Redpoint Ventures published a great piece discussing why they invested in Opsani

Astasia Myers – an investor on Redpoint’s early stage enterprise team, who was previously named to the Forbes “30 Under 30 in Venture Capital” list – explained:

“While using cloud infrastructure, teams often emphasize accelerated software delivery to remain competitive over performance and cost optimization. Parkmycloud estimates $14.1B of cloud compute spending will be wasted in 2019.”

“Businesses use performance engineers and cloud consultants to manually conduct point in time performance/cost analysis. Unfortunately, code is updated so frequently today, their recommendations are quickly out-of-date and useless. We believe teams can have it all — incredible application user experiences at optimized costs.”

This belief is what led Redpoint to back Opsani, Myers explains. She lists four key reasons why they were so excited.

  1. The performance gains and cost benefits were staggering. 
  2. Opsani addresses a top concern for engineering leadership. 
  3. Developers shouldn’t have to know the ideal infrastructure for their service. 
  4. Cloud performance tuning and cost optimization is a great application of AI. 

Myers goes into great detail on all four points. Read the piece here.

We’re stoked to have the backing of the brilliant Redpoint, and their team of brilliant minds such as Astasia. The future is bright!

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