At Opsani, we pride ourselves on building and maintaining an environment with our employees’ growth in mind. We want to set our employees up for success in any way possible. To do this, I believe it is crucial to provide resources and support to fulfill the employees’ needs. 

How do we set a path for employee growth?

We do this through various training programs to further develop our employees’ skills. We instill a company culture to help our employees grow. For me, HR means not only assisting managers but the employees. I do this by facilitating open conversations with employees about their wellbeing and making sure their needs are voiced in the company. For example, if an employee is nervous about approaching their manager with concerns, I can have a conversation beforehand to prep them for the discussion. I can coach them on how to communicate most transparently and respectfully possible. As HR, I provide a lot of coaching to create a harmonious and healthy work environment. I believe it is my job to ensure all employees feel valued, represented, and heard. 

My approach to my job as HR is to remind employees we are all humans, and asking for help is not only encouraged but welcomed.

 My job as HR requires me to wear many different hats, but most importantly, just listen to employees. It is vital in any conversation to hear both sides equally. By doing this, I can allow employees to speak their truth, voice what they need, and help make the best decision on how to move forward together. I can do this by understanding how to bridge a relationship between employees, managers, and the company. I keep this in mind in recruiting to ensure we build a team that working styles mesh and can collaborate. I enforce this as well by doing this operationally, creating a strong company foundation. 

I provide support to my employees through constant check-ins and communication.

 I really try to emphasize the importance of the human aspect because on some days, personal life influences business. It’s essential to check how employees are doing and how teams can uplift each other on difficult days.

As HR, I ensure you will be taken care of. You will be heard. We are a small, close-knit team that allows us to reach from one end to another. We make sure that work needs to get done and we need to work together.

How do I promote company culture for employee growth?

 I try to maintain a strong mind when dealing with executives and employees to use my best judgment in situations. It’s important to have emotional intelligence and navigate verbally to get the information you need to utilize to move forward. Since HR focuses on relationships in the company, it is crucial to be very mindful of words and how they affect people. I also navigate when the HR hat goes on and off so employees can interact to create genuine relationships. But when the hat comes back on, I command respect and play the roles needed.

At the end of the day, communication is essential to finding what employees’ goals and hopes are.  We want to get you there quickly, but we need to look at the big picture and take small steps not to lose employee morale. It’s a delicate balance. Check out our last blog post, Why A Once And Done Cloud Optimization Strategy Isn’t Enough, for more Opsani updates!