SREs, if you are not solving more significant problems than manual tuning, yes, you will be automated out of your job. 

Automation is something that shouldn’t be looked at as a threat but rather an opportunity. Did the blender automate people out of a job? Yes. Cars automated buggy drivers out of a job, but look at the productivity gained. If you see your job as one similar to the elevator operator who only presses buttons, you’re already a dinosaur. 

You want an automation tool so you can pursue higher-value tasks and differentiate yourself. You have so many other assets to offer than just doing repetitive tasks, set the mind free for creativity.

Automating your cloud optimization strategy with AI will save you time and give you results that are impossible to produce by a human. 

You get the best results because AI tries different configurations that humans would never even think of. Optimizing your application is essential to your cloud strategy because your application is constantly changing and needs to be tuned to support the current environment.

Optimization provides reliability to your application. 

This means if you have a sale on your website on Black Friday, you can count on your website to handle the load change and not crash. Applications are delicate creatures, and a simple configuration error can cause a major outage. Whereas our technology knows the best configuration possible, plus it never gets distracted or tired. Also, these changes are happening in your application quickly and sometimes need to be addressed urgently.

 Without a cloud optimization solution, you’re at risk of significant downtime to solve these issues.

Do you know what that leads to? Unhappy customers.  Without direct, real-time visibility into your application, you really cannot predict when things will crash and if you use an APM solution to do so. However, you will know why the problem occurs, but you still need to make those changes yourself. As I’m sure you’re aware, quick changes are very stressful. 

SREs, manual tuning is another example of a task humans have outgrown and outsmarted to focus on passions. Leave the busy work to AI and discover your creativity. Time is the most valuable part of life. We want to make sure yours is spent doing what you love, not unrewarding, tedious tasks. Embrace the technology evolution so you can spend time outsmarting your competitors instead of tuning your application!