Welcome to the team Amanda, What background and experience do you bring to your new role at Opsani?

Thank you, I am excited to be on the Opsani team! I bring 17+ years of Sales, Marketing and Business Development experience across global markets and a demonstrated track record of over delivering top-line revenue across multiple sectors in both direct and indirect sales channels, as well as technology and ISV partnerships. I have extensive experience in leading sales, partnerships and cross-functional teams in complex matrix environments across hardware, software, professional services and cloud industries.

Why did you join Opsani?

For the last several years I have been advising hyper growth companies to develop their overall cloud optimization strategy, including the creation of FinOps teams, advising organizations on 3rd party cost optimization tools, as well as leveraging cloud infrastructure provider pricing agreements such as AWS Savings Plans, Reserved Instances and Enterprise Discount programs. 

I have seen numerous companies struggle with creating a cloud optimization strategy and being able to execute on that plan to reduce their overall cloud costs. Once I saw Opsani’s technology, I immediately knew that Opsani is a disruptor in the industry and our technology is changing the way that all companies will approach their cost optimization strategy. On top of this incredible technology, after meeting Opsani’s Leadership team I knew that I wanted to join the Opsani team to help bring our technology to market and to build out our Channel and Technology partnerships programs.

 What do you see as your key goals at Opsani over the next three quarters or so?

To drive top line revenue through direct and indirect channels, as well as build out our channel and technology partnerships programs. I am focused on bringing in key customer logos and increasing our direct customer base, as well as developing and executing upon Opsani’s Channel strategy and growth of our partner ecosystem. I am excited about building and developing Opsani’s channel and partnership team, creating a predictable business model that results in significant growth of our customer base and increases our overall brand awareness. 

What is your motivation?

I enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems, seeing the opportunities that are available, creating a strategy and then executing on the plan to bring the desired solution into existence. As a perpetual student, I have a strong desire to learn, so it is pretty typical that I’m taking a class or researching new subjects.  I also enjoy teaching, being of service to others, and making a positive impact on those around me.  I am really excited to be with Opsani at this stage of the company, to be a part of a highly experienced team where I am helping bring our technology to market in both direct and indirect channels, as well as creating and executing on our channel and technology partnerships.

What’s your favorite activity to do when you’re not working?

I love to travel internationally, exploring new countries and learning about their culture and history. I’ve lived in Spain, El Salvador and I’ve traveled to 38 countries so far!