Hey Cassidy! You’ve been with the Opsani team for a couple of months now. What have been the biggest surprises about working in an early stage tech company?

The biggest surprise about working with Opsani is how much the whole company works together and interacts with each other. All the teams are super collaborative and supportive. I was surprised how much the company valued my opinion, I was very grateful for the trust they have put on me in projects and how much they have allowed me to contribute.

As part of managing the company’s blog output, you have to talk to lots of different people within the company. Have you got to see how the different departments of a tech company slot together to make the overall project run smoothly?

 Yes definitely, I have learned that having a smaller company makes it easier for the different departments to interact. All aspects of product development, marketing, and communications all work together simultaneously to develop and innovate in a quick and efficient way.

Producing lots of blogs has led you to write technically about the Opsani product. Do you feel like you fully understand cloud optimization now? How would you sum it up for the layperson?

Due to my experience of writing technical blogs, I feel like I have a deep understanding of cloud optimization. Cloud optimization is reducing cloud cost, while enhancing performance of an application by adjusting and managing cloud resources. By correctly monitoring these resources, companies are able to cut down on cost, while improving performance.

What advice would you give to someone who is attempting to kickstart blog content production at their company? 

I would start by focusing on your company’s voice. When writing blog content, I try to imagine I am having a conversation with someone instead of writing an article. Trust your inspiration and don’t be afraid to put personality into your content, as it could be valuable shaping the narrative.

When you’re not managing Opsani’s blog output, you like to surf. Do you find it healthy to have a physical hobby to offset all your conceptual thinking about the cloud, application parameters etc.? 

While I am surfing, I feel like I am connected to the world and nature in a whole different way. This allows me to have a new perspective on the world and makes me feel refreshed. I believe it is important to have a balance between the tech world and nature.