What background and experience did you have before Opsani?

Before Opsani, I worked at eBay/PayPal leading their marketing A/B testing and experimentation efforts. After PayPal, I had an opportunity to join Intuit as a thought leader driving experimentation as part of their marketing analytics group. This group was primarily focused on lead generation and conversion optimization for their Quickbooks Online product.  Eventually, I decided I wanted to work for a smaller private company and I took a position at SelectQuote running not only experimentation, but also SEO and web analytics. The energy working at a smaller company was amazing and I’ve never looked back.

What do you find most exciting about Opsani as a product and a company?

The repeatable cloud savings impact we are able to bring to our customers during COVID is truly inspiring. Not only are we able to reduce cloud costs, but we are able to do it without any performance impact using AI and ML. As a company, the people at Opsani are amazing.  The team’s passion, knowledge, dedication, and focus is contagious.

From a marketing perspective, where would you love to see Opsani in one year from now? I’d love to see us continue to expand our reach across all channels with special focus on improving SEO and Paid Search. With our new website and refined messaging we are ideally positioned to become the thought leader in our space. We have a tremendous value proposition and getting our word out there is number one over the next year.

What is your motivation?

The ability to have a big impact when I go to work everyday is a key motivator for me. Working at a startup gives you that opportunity as everyone is hyper focused on a common goal. Everyday, every minute matters.

How do you think your previous experiences in different companies will help you achieve these goals?

I’ve been fortunate to have worked in a wide range of roles which has given me a unique 360 degree view of the customer journey while still driving insights through experimentation. Knowing how people get to your site through SEO and other channels, their motivation, the data behind it, and then being able to experiment to improve that journey is crucial.