Welcome to the team Pavel, how do your previous work experiences set you up for what you’re doing at Opsani?

 I have 10+ years of experience in infrastructure software.

Who would be your dream Opsani customer and why?

My dream customer would be AWS, large scale.

Can you give a quick breakdown of your work at Opsani?

I am part of the product team, responsible for designing and implementing the Opsani SaaS backend and GUI.

What are things you work on when you’re not doing Opsani-related stuff?

 When I’m not working there are no specific projects I am working on, but I like keeping in touch with the latest dev tools/technologies.

Tell us about your main project! What is it and how do you expect it to improve the overall Opsani product?

 I am currently working on Opsani SaaS service, it is the meat of the product.

Where else do you think the Opsani AI could branch out?

I think Opsani could branch out to autonomous operations.

What do you find most exciting about Opsani as a product and a company?

I find the most exciting thing about Opsani is working with the smartest people I know.

What do you see as your key goals at Opsani for the next year or so?

My key goals for the next year are to improve product team efficiency.

What skills do you think will help you be successful at Opsani?

I believe my work ethic, patience, curiosity will help me be successful at Opsani.