Welcome to the team Stephen, why did you join Opsani?

I joined because of the engineering team. I had worked with Peter, Pavel, Lion and Alex at 3Tera Inc. building the AppLogic product. This was the first commercial cloud computing platform, predating EC2 by a year.  It was a remarkable product made by some remarkable people. So, I have been fortunate with the folks I have been able to work with professionally, and I was excited to do something new with them.

What is your motivation and how do you motivate others?

What sticks out is shared enterprise. At thirty people, Opsani is still small enough to feel like a ship’s crew, with its diverse sub-groups and undertakings, and folks each with their own position and work.  When this work all comes together, that is satisfying. This mutual support in shared enterprise is pretty good motivation, whatever private reasons people may also have.

Tell us about your main project! What is it and how do you expect it to improve the overall Opsani product?

Recently, I have been working on the workflow controller (WFC).  WFC provides a framework for automating optimization workflows on our backend.  WFC is driven by a descriptor which specifies the different stages of a workflow, each of which is put into practice by pluggable stage controller which sequences its own primitive operations (e.g. describe, adjust or measure the remote application), and has its own success criteria.  This framework is flexible enough to be used by human operators, and to be used in fully automated workflows.

What do you find most exciting about Opsani as a product and a company?

The problem of optimization is an interesting one, in the abstract, and the practical problem of doing this on live applications at scale is also an interesting challenge.  So, from an engineering point of view, this is exciting.  From a business perspective, we seem to have bitten into these problems at the right time, because we are getting good practical results and positive customer response, so this is exciting for the company.

 What’s your favorite activity to do when you’re not working?

Outside of work I love to listen to my daughters sing or play piano, or listen to my wife read out loud.  Sometimes I will read.  These things help keep our family close.  Aside from this, I enjoy yoga, chi gong and zazen, all of which help keep me in shape for work.