Team Opsani is the place where we pull back the Opsani curtain and share stories about our team and our internal goings-on. This month, we sat down for a chat with Emily Estrada, our new HR generalist.

Hey Emily! Welcome to Opsani’s HR team. How did you come across the company, and what made you want to join?

I actually joined because of Katrina, our Marketing Specialist, who talked about what Opsani AI does and what they plan to do with the space and opportunity. I wanted to join because of not only their incredible leadership but also because of the space they are focusing on within tech. With Opsani, we can have more time to be creative versus having to manage our technology and ensure that they are running the best possible way for companies to scale and grow creatively. 

What are your early impressions of what someone needs to be a good fit at Opsani?

At Opsani, there’s a beautiful balance and connection between skill set, ability, and personality (coupled with drive). I think one of the best things about all of that is the unique team dynamic. Ultimately, I believe the drive and the attitude to “go-get-it” is what makes someone a good fit for Opsani. 

What do you believe are the ethical principles that should drive hiring?

I believe some of the ethical principles that should drive hiring are: 

  1. Values – Although the values don’t need to be identical to everyone, we should be able to establish common ground with potential hires. This can often start or be surrounded around the vision statement of a company. I think values really show the integrity of a potential hire and shows what type of person they will be within the team dynamic. 
  2. Communication – I think it’s important that as we grow and as cultures change from the “old to new” that we create an environment where open communication is encouraged and that, more importantly, people are listened to. Oftentimes people think only managers can be heard, but times are changing and all employees have value in their opinion and experience. 
  3. Career ambition – I think we need to see the question as “how does this role fit your overall career goals?” Career ambitions are important so we find the right drive that compliments the companies needs as well as the new hire. Giving the hire room to grow but also contribute in significant ways. At the same time, we don’t want to find someone who wants to leave after 6 months and use it as a stepping stone. Needs to be the right match between manager and hire as well.  

What do you think are three key ways to maintaining a healthy company culture?

  1. I think company culture derives a lot from the company values. Those values are later maintained by traditions and practices upheld by leadership and its employees. 
  2. Team building – get to know your coworkers.  Morale in the workplace is within the emotions, attitude, satisfaction and overall outlook of employees during their time in a working environment. This is vital to organizational culture as a positive, collective attitude will create a better working environment.
  3. Keep Communicating – Always communicate and welcome comments from everyone. There are times where we need to be respectful not to cross the lines, but keeping an open mind to differences and perspectives are important. We should also be communicating when things are positive! Everyone loves to hear a “great job” from time to time.

Given that Opsani is an AI company – how do you feel about AI being used in recruitment efforts? Do you think the skills involved in HR are inherently human, or could a machine replicate them?

I don’t believe all of HR can be taken up by AI. I think AI and automation can be beautiful in simplifying processes and procedures. It can help with companies who are 1,000 employees or more and need to hire more employees. I think AI can help large companies sift through large piles of resumes that the managers don’t have time to look at in detail. But I don’t believe AI can help with HR cases that need extra investigating and discussing to finalize. I think ultimately, human resources can’t be machine replicated or else it would just be resources. I think people forget that ultimately, while you are with a company, we just want you safe, happy, healthy, respected, and paid. We’re here to share the law and your rights as humans working for a company. We’re here to celebrate your birthday and your years of service. We’re here to make sure you have the right training. Ultimately, we need the human aspect of HR. 

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