Opsani is a Continuous Cloud Optimization (CO) tool that leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously optimize and tune the performance of applications. Opsani enables companies to reduce cloud costs by up to 80% while increasing performance by up to 210%. 

Opsani provides continuous optimization for cloud apps via neural nets. Even a simple five-container application can have 255-trillion resources and basic parameter permutations. This is too much for a human to track. Our servo measures, predicts, and implements changes to parameters and resource settings across the VM instance, middleware, application, and containers.  By integrating into the CI/CD pipeline, our AI can tweak and perfect resources and parameters often deemed too complex. Our servo continuously optimizes the performance of the application by detecting changes in the virtual environment and the needs of the application, tuning the parameter settings for optimal performance. Continuous optimization for cloud apps usually shaves tens of thousands off a company’s cloud bills.

To learn more about Opsani, watch our webinar What is Continuous Optimization?